Excerpt from the list of references

UniWasser GmbH operates on behalf of the State of Rhineland-Palatinate

  • the Centre of Excellence for Flood Risk Management and Flood-Resistant Construction

Further, the organisation and conducting of specialized exhibitions and conferences throughout Germany are as well part of our field of activity as, for example, the annual

  • Forum on Flood Risk Management

UniWasser GmbH is currently preparing conceptual works for, amongst others, for the Free State of Thuringia and for municipalities in Rhineland-Palatinate and Saarland:

  • Preliminary study for recommendations for action for the development of (municipal) aftercare plans in the Free State of Thuringia

  • Flood protection concept for the sewage treatment plant in Kaiserslautern

  • Pluvial flood precaution concept for the municipality Kleinblittersdorf (Saarland)

We are also active in consulting and professional support for regional and local authorities, decision-makers and stakeholders, amongst others

  • Consulting service within the framework of the evaluation of the Bavarian polder concept and professional support of the alliance "Flood protection for our homeland"